A Blood Vine excerpt, character interview and #giveaways

In anticipation of Blood Vine‘s release tomorrow, I am on two blogs todaywine glass proof giving away two e-book copies and a pair of these cool wine glasses, straight from the Kaštel Estate Winery.

There’s a never-seen-before excerpt over at A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books, which tells a little secret about Andre and Zoey.

And there’s a revealing interview about work/life balance with my heroine Zoey Porter in a women’s business magazine over at D for Darla’s.

Fingers crossed that the retailers cooperate, you should be able to buy print and ebooks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc, tomorrow.  I think you’ll even be able to order a print copy of Blood Vine inside a Barnes and Noble store.


Thanks to all the friends and readers who are sharing in my excitement!  Let’s hope I’ll have enough time to finish my final read-through of the sequel and send it off to Omnific this week!

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