Blood Vine release week wrap up: News & #Giveaways

jumpingWhat a whirlwind week, after waiting so long for my book to be publised!  I’ve been jumping up and down to see Blood Vine up for sale, and to hear from so many readers at once!  Seriously, hearing from readers is THE COOLEST THING about writing!

Okay–back to being dignified: Let’s just say that it has been incredibly fun and satisfying. Sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy, written a review, or commented on a blog the tour!


This week, I was featured on the SF Bay Guardian’s local, sex-positive Blog.  The hilarious headline was Local Clergy Summons Sexy Undead.

I was also featured on’s Mom Must Read Blog, and what its author Kristin Kemp said about me and Blood Vine was very sweet.

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Give Aways

There are still tons of giveaways open at my blog tour stops, and you can catch up on excerpts, character interviews, and more.

A Bibliophiles Thoughts on Books (ebook giveaway AND a pair of Kastel Estate wine glasses)

Meet Zoey here: DforDarla’s Definite Reads  (ebook giveaway)

One of my favorites: Andre interview me on A Life Bound By Books (ebook giveaway)

A fun post with Andre from 1926 at Midnyte Reader (ebook giveaway AND a pair of Kastel Estate wine glasses)

Open Book Society  (ebook giveaway)
An Author Interview at Good Choice Reading (ebook giveaway)

An excerpt The Unread Reader (ebook giveaway)

An excerpt, teaser and awesome review at  (ebook giveaway)

Thanks to Lisa at a Life Bound by Books for organizing such a great tour!

Likes and Tags

Did you know that Amazon likes, tags, and reviews help sell books?  The reviews don’t have to be five-star.  But in Amazon’s secret calculations for how they list and suggest books, the sheer quantity of these that a book has determines whether Amazon recommends it to shoppers.  So if you haven’t yet, I’d really appreciate it if you had to the time to like and tag the book on Amazon.  And, if you are so inclined, writing an honest review also helps, because it helps people find a book they will truly enjoy.  The more reviews the better, even if they are not all five-star. Blood Vine on Amazon.

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