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Six Sentence Sunday — Dec 2

In preparation for Blood Vine’s release on Jan 8, I’ve got a month’s worth of Six Sentence Sundays for you.  Come by every week for a taste of my characters and the world of my wine-making vampires.  Today we’re in  Andre’s point of view, and learn a little bit about the vampire wasting disease plaguing him, and all vampires forced into exile by those who hunt them.  

Nearly two centuries had passed since the Hunters had run Andre out of Croatia. His health had remained stable, but clearly the wasting disease was progressing more quickly now. It was only a matter of time before he shriveled up and died like a frail old human.

Stepping back from the mirror, he appraised his body—biceps narrower, ribs jutting under his pectorals, quadriceps leaner. He turned, craning to see his glutes—hollow.  He used to have an ass like a bull.

And be sure to check out the other authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday at the website or on twitter at the hashtag #SixSunday.

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday — Dec 2

  1. Lovely description–great six, Amber! :)

  2. Love how this is starting! Definitely looking forward to more.

  3. amber.belldene on said:

    @Jane, @Vivien, @Angela — Thanks so much for coming by. I enjoyed reading all of your sixes too!

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