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Six more sentences From Blood Vine 12/23

Happy Holidays to everyone!

This Christmas is  especially fun for me because my debut novel’s release is right around the corner.  Fingers crossed, Blood Vine will be available Jan 8.  I hope these six sentences get you excited about the connection between Zoey and Andre.  We’re in her point of view here, the first time she tastes his mysterious wine:

She brought her glass to her mouth and glanced at Andre to find him watching. She lowered her lids and concentrated, but when the wine hit her tongue, she opened them wide again.

She ran her tongue along the back of her teeth, searching out words for the astonishing mixture of flavors in her mouth. “It’s as thick as blood…and it tastes like sunshine… and raisins, and peppery licorice.”

The flecks in his green eyes glittered. “Yes, Zoey, it does.” For the first time, he didn’t call her Ms. Porter.

And be sure to check out the other authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday at the website or on twitter at the hashtag #SixSunday.

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One thought on “Six more sentences From Blood Vine 12/23

  1. These are KILLING MEH!

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