Amber Belldene

Mystically Sexy Romance…because Desire is Divine

Six Sentence Sunday — Dec 30

Poor Andre.  Having Zoey in his home really upsets his already burdensome life.  Nine days until Blood Vine is released, and you can find out what happens.  Until then, here are six more sentences from Andre’s point of view:

Worse, he already hungered again. Zoey had only been there for a few hours and he smelled her throughout his house. Early in his exile, he had trained himself to ignore the constant hunger. But her scent made him think about sex and thinking about sex made it impossible to forget his need for blood. He was newly aware of the ache in his starving muscles, the stinging fatigue of his eyes, and the sluggishness of his thoughts.  He needed to feed, even if it would not satisfy for long.

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