Wine on Wednesday: The Favorite of Pedro from Blood Vine

Although Pedro is a little jealous he’s not on the cover of Blood Vine, he’d like to invite you to come back tomorrow for the unveiling.  That’s right–cover reveal tomorrow via the fabulous Laura Kaye’s Blog, and an exciting book trailer featuring the music of Kitka on Friday! With Christmas around the corner, I know the Jan 8th release date will be here before I know it and I can hardly wait!

Today is the third installment in this month’s Wine on Wednesday series, where I ask the characters from Blood Vine to introduce themselves and tell you about their favorite wines. We’ve already met our hero Andre Maras and our heroine Zoey Porter. Today we meet Pedro Torres, who pretty much steals the show, and has his own sexy romance with next week’s featured guest, Lucas Bennett.

How old are you? Thirty-seven.

Where were you born? The Ribera Del Duero winemaking region of Spain.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy clubbing in San Francisco.  At home in Sonoma County, shit-talking with my boss Andre is my full-time hobby.

What is your favorite wine? I know I’m tooting my own horn when I say it, but honestly, my favorite wines are the ones we make—our estate Zinfandels.  They’re frickin’ perfect.  I don’t know how Andre got so lucky with the vines and the climate, but the fruit is unbelievable, and he’s like some kind of wine alchemist.  Too bad too, because he can’t even drink the stuff.  Don’t ask.  It’s not my place to explain.

We only produce a few thousand cases, and our wine sells okay, given what a crap job we do of marketing it.  I’m pretty sure this lame-ass label speaks for itself.  So when Andre told me he was finally ready to hire a P.R. firm, I found one for him right away.  Soon some Zoey Porter lady will be here and she’ll set Andre straight about how to sell our wine.

But, to be a good sport, I’ll pick another favorite, the fabulous Pinot Noirs made by our neighbor Gary Farrell.  Totally different from our Zins, but damn good too.


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